Don’t Font it Up

Typography is an important aspect of design. In today’s digital landscape, a company’s font type can be a true differentiator that allows them to stand out from other brands. When there is a lack of visuals in our communication materials, our font design can help communicate our personality and values.

Primary Font

Primary font is Roboto from Google. We are using it for headlines, navigations, buttons and even paragraphs of text - almost everything. Combine weights, font-sizes. Be careful when using italic!


Secondary Font

If you need to stand out from crowd, you can use our secondary font: Poppins.
Poppins is best suited for headlines. Do not use Poppins for long paragraphs – use Roboto or fallback fonts.


Fallback Fonts

Use one of these fallback fonts when you are unsure if our brand fonts will work universally (e.g. presentations and HTML emails).

Agency, Journalist
All brand essentials: logo for digital & print usage, colors, emails specification, marketing website and Socialbakers Suite UI.
SB Employee
Library accessible only to Socialbakers Employees. Includes the whole brand package, source files and many more.
Let’s build & maintain a great brand, Bakers!
We encourage you to browse our guidelines before downloading to learn how to use our brand assets. If you have any questions about using brand materials, feel free to ask us on