How To Make Your Images Stand Out

Choosing the right time to post in social media space is crucial, but the content itself is even more important. Follow these guidelines on how to choose the right image for Blog posts, Whitepapers, Presentations and other materials.

Setting the Scene

Lighting in photos should look natural. Use photos that include real people in realistic scenarios as opposed to cartoons or computer-generated art. The rule of thumb is to strive for an authentic look and feel.

Natural Lighting
Natural Symbol
Real People and Objects
AVOID filters and added effects
AVOID using illustrations and cartoons.
AVOID using artificial elements

Everyday People

We like our images to portray everyday people. Always be sure to include different genders, age groups, nationalities, and ethnicities. When selecting an image, especially ones that portray levels of authority, aim for gender balance.
USE natural gestures
AVOID using unnatural gestures
USE different genders, nationalities, age groups
AVOID using too staged people
USE people who look natural
AVOID using unnatural poses
USE smart casual clothes
AVOID using formal clothes


Use images that display modern technology and devices over analog devices. Although we are called "Socialbakers," baking is not our skillset, so please avoid using images of tasty sweets unless you are talking about FMCG brands or another topic where food is relevant.
When you are discussing a specific feature always include an image so your audience knows what it looks like.
Anonymize Facebook Interface
Other social media interfaces can stay (e.g. Instagram and Twitter)
If you are talking about a specific feature, show it
USE modern devices
AVOID using retro-feeling images
Photos containing food and sweets should only be used when referring to food-relevant topics (e.g. an infographic about ice cream brands).
AVOID using baked goods in photos unless referring to baking brands

Outside the Box

There are a variety of ways you can communicate your topic. Feel free to use pictures of nature, architecture, mood pictures, or even sports. It’s okay to be abstract!
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