The Socialbakers logo is a graphic representation of the company business name
and the primary graphic element of the Socialbakers corporate identity.

Logo Package
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Symbol and Corporate Symbol

The Socialbakers symbol is represented by a stylized chef’s cap placed inside a chat bubble. The chat bubble refers to digital communication taking place across social media platforms.

The corporate symbol is the detachable part of the logo and is only used in specific cases where it can appear separately as an icon or other graphic element or as part of brand style.

Socialbakers Logo Variations

The Socialbakers logo is in standard full color consisting of purple and white. The logo should be reproduced in full-color whenever possible. In cases where it is not available to produce in full color, use a solid color or other alternatives.


Logo Appearance and Background Color

In case of a solid dark background, use the inverse color version of the logo. If the dark background has other distracting elements that can interfere with the readability of the logo, or if the background color is similar or identical with the logo colors, use the framed version of the logo.

Full Color
Full Color Inverse
Full Color in Photography
White in Photography

Symbol Colors

Full Color
Dark Gray

Hat Colors

Full Color
Dark Gray

Logo Safe Zone

The safe zone is a required amount of space that needs to exist around the logo or symbols in order to ensure legibility. The zone defines the minimum spacing distance from the page edge, object, text, or image.

To determine if the safe zone has been accurately implemented measure the height of the standard logo with the letter “b”. See image below for clarification.

Logo Safe Zone
Symbols Safe Zone

Size Requirements

The minimum size of the Socialbakers logo is 25 mm for printed media. For digital media the minimum width of the logo is 100 px.

The recommended size of the Socialbakers logo for common use in conventional printed materials of page format sizes of A6, A5, A4, or envelopes of sizes C5, C4 and DL is 70 mm.

Please do not use a smaller value when using the Socialbakers logo and/or logotype.

Logo Misuse

Below you will find examples of logo misuse. Please keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive, and is shown only to demonstrate possible misuses that can occur when using the Socialbakers logo. If you violate the the guidelines the logo police will place you under arrest (just kidding - but seriously follow the rules).

To ensure accurate, consistent reproduction of the Socialbakers logo, never alter, add to, or attempt to recreate. Always use the approved digital artwork provided to you on this website.

Do not use custom logo colors
Do not use shadows
Do not stretch and rotate the logo
Do not change the shape of the logo, including the font or marque
Do not use the logo or logotype as part of a text message.
Do not place the logo over complex, busy or low contrast imagery.
Do not place the logo over light or busy imagery.
Agency, Journalist
All brand essentials: logo for digital & print usage, colors, emails specification, marketing website and Socialbakers Suite UI.
SB Employee
Library accessible only to Socialbakers Employees. Includes the whole brand package, source files and many more.
Let’s build & maintain a great brand, Bakers!
We encourage you to browse our guidelines before downloading to learn how to use our brand assets. If you have any questions about using brand materials, feel free to ask us on brand@socialbakers.com