Infographics and
Charts, Oh My!


The infographics we create outline cool social media facts in an engaging way. This content format lets you educate others with playful eye-catching visuals.

A sketch template is the most effective way to create an Infographic. This helps us retain consistency throughout the process.Feel free to use templates, colors, symbols, and systems that have already been created to make your life easier.


It’s important that the charts we use have the same look and feel. When creating a chart make sure that you have presented the data in the most clear and relevant way. If you want to play it safe download one of our templates.

Chart Materials
.sketch .pdf
Only Socialbakers Employees
MS Office Templates
.crtx .potx .thmx
Only Socialbakers Employees

Chart Components

  • Title 1 (Optional): tells the overall story we want to say about the data
  • Title 2: Describes the data
  • Data points: line chart, bar chart, donut chart, scatterplot, etc.
  • Source: “Socialbakers Data” or other source
  • Date Range
  • Sample (if needed)
  • Logo

Don't miss any of the components – they bring valuable information to the user.

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All brand essentials: logo for digital & print usage, colors, emails specification, marketing website and Socialbakers Suite UI.
SB Employee
Library accessible only to Socialbakers Employees. Includes the whole brand package, source files and many more.
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We encourage you to browse our guidelines before downloading to learn how to use our brand assets. If you have any questions about using brand materials, feel free to ask us on