Content Materials

White Paper

A white paper is a broader study about a specific topic. The main purpose is to educate our readers and provide them with useful insights. It is generally a valuable, exclusive content piece and is highly visual. Data visualizations, charts, tables, diagrams, icons, and photos are recommended.

Each white paper uses one of our Secondary Vivid colors that leads through the whole piece. It can be used for icons, links, text boxes, and other small embellishments.
White papers should be exported as Interactive PDF and be the same size: 1280px x 720px
Try to use natural images that are more ambiguous than literal (e.g. a segment about Instagram does not need an explicit picture of a person using the Instagram app).

Please use the following structure:

  • The segment or category header should be placed in the top left corner; this is not necessary if it is the first page of the segment and has the segment title on the page itself. This also does not need to be on the Table of Contents, Introduction, or Contact page.
  • The logo must stay in the top right corner and must not be obstructed.
  • Any footnotes and sources should be placed in the bottom left corner.
  • The title of the white paper and page number should be in the bottom left corner.

Socialbakers Blog

Blogs are shortener content pieces that exist on the web and are just a small piece of the entire content marketing process. Blog are used to raise brand awareness, generate demand, increase social media engagement and more. Due to the shorter length of a blog the visuals that are required are less than a white paper.


  • Must have an ICO and OG image that follows the photography guidelines
  • OG Size: 1200x630 px, .jpg
  • ICO Size: 350x 380 px, .jpg


  • Break up text with charts, screenshots, and other visual example.
  • Embed social media posts or videos directly in the CMS
  • Size: 1460x… px (will appear 2x smaller), .jpg
  • Use the Marketing Chart Template for charts and tables keeping the background white
  • Take screenshots on retina screen to keep the quality as high as possible
  • Be sure to include product screenshots when talking about a product
Use Marketing chart template for charts and tables. Always keep the white background.
In case you need to show overall product, use product shot.

One Pagers

One Pagers are used as a short and simple way to present product-related information. There are two types that exist.

  • Describes the customer journey while outlining features
  • Describing the journey in a logical flow, demonstrating how the features work together

When creating a one pager always incorporate a cover with product shots where needed.

One Pagers examples

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