Ad it Up

As a data-powered company, it’s important for us to constantly try new things and benchmark results. This is why we encourage you to flex your creativity and experiment with fresh and new ideas.

Ads Template
Only Socialbakers Employees


Google Display Ads Recommendations

Logo or at least “Socialbakers” must be visible. Always include CTA


  • 120x160px
  • 160x600px
  • 200x200px
  • 250x250px
  • 300x250
  • 300x600
  • 336x280
  • 468x60
  • 728x90
  • 970x990
  • 1200x628px (responsive, appears smaller)
  • 1200x1200 px (responsive, appears smaller)


  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .gif
  • maximum 150 kb

Banner consists of

  • Background
  • Branding
  • Text
  • Visual
  • CTA

There are three types of backgrounds

  • Socialbakers Gradient
  • Secondary Vivid colours
  • Light Grey

Choose the right button accordingly - for Gradient and Secondary Vivid colours grey and for grey Blue. In case the text in button is too long, use just arrow as a CTA.

In case there is enough space, use also some visual. Photo in a circle or Product shot. In small sizes visual is not necessary.

Facebook Ads Recommendations


  • 1200x628px


  • .png

Favors visuals without any text
More than 20% text on image leads to reduced delivery
Logo is not needed, will appear near the image

Linkedin Ads Recommendations


  • 1200x627px
  • 300x250px


  • .png

The look shall be more conservative (LinkeIn audience)
Always include logo or at least word “Socialbakers”

Agency, Journalist
All brand essentials: logo for digital & print usage, colors, emails specification, marketing website and Socialbakers Suite UI.
SB Employee
Library accessible only to Socialbakers Employees. Includes the whole brand package, source files and many more.
Let’s build & maintain a great brand, Bakers!
We encourage you to browse our guidelines before downloading to learn how to use our brand assets. If you have any questions about using brand materials, feel free to ask us on